A groovy shagadelic welcome to the Official Website for the Sixth Annual Mods & Rockers Film Festival!

This website has been set up to provide general information, detailed schedule, deep background, cool visuals, fascinating links and total lunacy relating to the Mods & Rockers 2005 Film Festival - which takes place in Los Angeles - Tuesday July 5th till Sunday July 17th, 2005.

Films will be shown at the American Cinematheque's TWO historic movie theaters. The magnificently-renovated 1922 landmark - Grauman's Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood. And at the newly-renovated 1940 art-deco movie palace - The Aero Theatre in Santa Monica.

This is a very special festival for us. It's our comeback year! We call it that because after five sensational years - over 100 groovy movies and dozens of fab star guests - we felt we needed a sabbatical to re-charge our batteries. So we took 2004 off and placed the festival on a one-year hiatus. But - as you will see when you surf the schedule - we have lived up to our promise that we would return bigger and better than ever!

This year's festival features some of the world's biggest movie stars, coolest Sixties musicians and most talented movie directors.

Those who have attended any of the previous five festivals know how much fun these seasons of shagadelia are.

If you remember the Sixties from first time around - you will find countless treasures to bring a smile - and happy memories of the halcyon days of the grooviest decade of the grooviest century!

If you're too young to have experienced the madness first hand - and have discovered the glorious Sixties through the Austin Powers movies or some of the great music and movies from the original era - you'll have a blast too!

If you live within traveling distance of Los Angeles - you won't want to miss this fab fun film fest!

This Mods & Rockers website is very much like the universe. It's continually expanding! So check out the all the groovy movies and plan what you want to see. Then bookmark and come back soon!

And if you've had fun - please let your fabbest friends know about this site! Send them an e-mail to turn them on!

The philosophy of this website is very simple. It is dedicated to celebrating a Groovy Kind Of Love.... the love of The Shagadelic Sixties... the love of... MODS & ROCKERS!


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